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We can offer location reports on a large real estate portfolio scale

   We understand the hardware demands that come with processing and generating comprehensive location check reports for real estate listings. To ensure optimal performance and reliability, we have implemented our LocationCheck24 Reports as distributed service in a hybrid-cloud mode.

   Our dedicated hardware infrastructure includes a high-performance bare metal server cluster comprising more than 50 physical Xeon CPUs and over 9TB of Random Access Memory (RAM). This robust setup enables us to process a significant volume of data efficiently and generate reports swiftly.

   Our hybrid-cloud approach allows us to scale up our hardware resources by leveraging cloud infrastructure whenever necessary

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   Each location check report is generated within 2 minutes

  Our shared task queue system ensures timely processing, with reports typically completed within a maximum of 10 minutes

   We offer dedicated queue setups for more specific needs. Enhance your real estate listing portal with our efficient and adaptable report generation process

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Our remote sensing technology allows us to access data from all over the world, and we are able to compare systemic patterns in every country. We then adapt our analysis to take into account any local anomalies. This allows us to provide our location-based insights and location reports for customers all over the European Union and beyond.

Right now we offer English and German. But we will offer our location reports and in various languages including Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Polish. We are also planning to integrate Russian in the near future. This way we can reach and assist a wider range of customers across the European Union and beyond.

Yes, we have different cooperation models available through our Partner Network. We have Affiliate Marketing for influencers and Revenue Share models for real estate listing portals. These models allow us to work closely with other businesses. Contact us today to learn more about our partnership opportunities and how we can work together to achieve mutual success in the real estate market.

Our service provides comprehensive and standardized property location reports that contain a wide range of data and information, including: 

Isochrone maps: Showing the areas that can be reached within a certain amount of time from a given location, helping you to understand commuting times, proximity to amenities, and accessibility.
Street noise model: An accurate prediction of noise levels, helping you understand the potential impact of noise on a property and its surroundings.
Amenity maps: A comprehensive list of nearby amenities and their distances from the location.
Landcover map: Detailed information about the landcover of a location, including the types and percentages of different land surfaces such as grass, water, buildings, and bare ground.
Environmental impact maps: Extent of soil sealing and the density of trees in a location, which are both valuable for understanding the environmental impact of a property and its surroundings.
Sustainability: A climate model that shows the future impact of climate crisis on temperature and precipitation, with a focus on sustainability.
Sunlight / Shadow model: A map that illustrates the direction and amount of sunlight a location receives each month, helping you understand the effects of sunlight and shading on a property and its surroundings.